Simone Scaletta

Simone Scaletta is a small, familiy-run winery. We produce about 35000 bottles per year exploiting six hectars of vineyards located nearby our cellar in Monforte d’Alba. Thanks to the small dimensions of the winery we are able to look after our products quality with the needed care and attention. Simone’s idea of wine follows below.

The wine I make springs from a never ending Love for the Land, from the curvy hills of the Langhe area, with all its charm, youthful but ancient as well as its extraordinary generosity. When we drink wine, it can express what the earth is capable of so accurately and it recalls the territory it grows in so wholly that we are transported to where it was made, with its climate, its history and the traditional customs it is steeped in.

 Along with the sun and the wind I observe the vineyard in the sleepy, silent winter. I prune the branches in the spring. I look after it along the shady rows right through the torpid summer. The Autumn harvest completes the cycle, each vendemmia becoming something unique, created in unison.

The cellar requires memory as well as innovation: the latest enological techniques, which are capable of bringing out the best from this exceptional grape, are combined with the experience and wisdom of the past, springing from the teaching of those who carried on this tradition before me.   Making a great wine means being able to imagine the future while your heart embraces the past.

Wine emerges from a personal journey, both for the drinker and the producer. It tells the story of the work done to bring it to life, as well as how it was tended during maturation and transformation. My wine is made up of grapes, earth, sun and seasons, of hands and cellar. It is bouquet and emotions, memories of the past and memories that have not yet been made. It is what I am and what I bequest.

I follow the path of a tradition which is higher than mere trends with my wines. Their authenticity and sense of belonging supersedes any standardization.

Thus, each wine becomes something live, unrepeatable and unique, with its own character and extraordinary power; harmoniously encompassing land, vine variety, culture, tradition, weather and productive style.