A limited edition by a multi-awarded agency.

Angelini Design chooses Langhe, a young winemaker of talent and his wines rich of personality to celebratehis customers’ Christmas. A Christmas Limited Edition with two wooden packagings for three different black, vivid silver and copper red labels, on varnished opaque paper. The Simone Scaletta’s fresh Barbera, the generous Nebbiolo and the noble Barolo wear a wise game of “custom typography”. A pure geometrical lettering on vertical labels with a strong decorative vintage value with an old fashioned glamour. A customized typographic project which rewrites and assembles the letters one on another so to build a coherent symbolic system which gives evidence to the strong taste character of each wine. Each one is different, but they all have the same strength and communicative efficacy. A double crude wooden packaging with a black wrapper, with a description leaflet, is dedicated to the Barbera and Barolo, and an identical single one is dedicated to the Nebbiolo.