Soil is low-rise, but it gives good fruits.

Simone Scaletta is a young winemaker who makes his own wine at Monforte d’Alba, one of the 11 Barolo towns. He grows in Località Manzoni five hectares of vineyards with a natural approach, in full respect of the earth and its fruits. Viglioni, Sarsera, Autin‘d Madama and Chirlet are his four vineyards which also give the name to his wines. Dolcetto d’Alba, Barbera d’Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo and Barolo are wines rich of personality and character, made by natural vinification, which follow several decantings at the right moment and a slow fining, without filtering, giving a balanced, authentic and natural evolution.

The beauty of Monforte hills, my passion for the wine, the heat of the land of Langa. The feeling I could live as long ago, following the vineyard rhythm, grew in me the desire and the will to recreate the vineyard just where it already was once. The research, respect, acceptance and land exploitation, with its delicate human and natural balance, drove me towards this choice and fully define the personality of my wines.

Today I work five vineyard hectares. This dimension allows me to dedicate attention and cure to every single activity. The position, the climate, the land and the hard man work give a unique expression to every single vineyard. The pruning, the meticulous selection of the grapes fully respect nature times and are made with technical consciousness which researches quality.

The vine-harvest moment, full of emotions and efforts, but even so beautiful to share and which becomes a big party, is made of the care and work of a whole year and of the sky good-will. It also opens the cave works. A natural racking off with decantings which are made at the right moment with even a slow refining, without filtrations, allows an harmonious evolution of my wines.”

Simone Scaletta
Viticoltore in Manzoni di Monforte d’Alba - Italia