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Langhe Nebbiolo D.O.C. Autin 'd Madama
 Natural Langa vocation.

The best expression of its land becomes a wine which reveals the natural vocation to express its noble origins and spontaneity. It is extroverted and winking just like the round Langa hills.

Available in 0,75 liter Bordeaux bottles, in 1,5 liter Magnum bottles, in 3 liters Jeroboam bottles and in 5 liters Mathusalem bottles.

Varietà: Nebbiolo
Area di produzione: Monforte d’Alba
Esposizione solare: South-East
Superficie della vigna: 0,9 hectares
Terreno: silt and clay
Produzione a ettaro: 70 quintals
Bottiglie prodotte: 5.000